What happens if I don't pay on time?

Our billing system sends multiple reminders to you before suspending your account. We send 3 emails to your contact address on file.  You will be given a 3 day grace period after the billing due date has expired before late fees are applied to your account.  You will have a 10% late fee added to your account after the 3 day grace period has expired.  You will be given a 7 day grace period before you account is suspended.  Once the account has been suspended, you will have an additional 72 hours to pay your bill before your account is terminated.  This is a total of 10 days from the original billing due date before the account is terminated. 

If you pay within 72 hours after the suspension, your account automatically gets activated within 5 minutes.  If your account is terminated for non-payment it can be restored from our backups for a $25 one time fee plus standard renewal fees.

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