Corporate Website

Corporate Websites

A corporate website is more than the face of your business: it provides information to the public about your people, your mission, and your history as well as your products and services.

Development of a corporate website requires both an adept team of technical designers and a group of market experts who understand your company’s objectives and the demands of the marketplace.

digitalRGB’s technical staff are experienced professionals who can take the most complex client requirements, and make you a corporate website that boldly announces your presence.

Corporate Site Features:

These features are an integral part of the digitalRGB’s corporate website design:

A corporate blog (or several) can begin the conversation with your customers and your partners.

Discussion Board/Chat Room
An integrated forum site allows customers to communicate with support staff, public relations, even company executives, as well as with each other. Members can create discussion topics and threads. This becomes an easy way for customer support staff to discuss issues and answer questions from the public about your products and services. Customers help each other as well.

News and Articles
A content-managed center for press releases and other information, with an RSS web feed to keep your viewers up to date.

Knowledge Base/Resource Center
Allows you to distribute documents in .pdf, .doc, and most other formats including CAD files.

Site Search
Lets your visitors quickly find the information they need.

Events Calendar
Lets the site administrators create and post events. Includes a custom events form where site visitors can RSVP.