Videography is just as much of a part of online design in today's age as graphic and photo work. Video is able to advertise in a much more memorable way when properly integrated into a design campaign.

Digital Live Video

Video of Live Subjects

Live video can be anything from “b” role (background video or secondary video) to having a person or persons perform or read a script. A quality video can advertise products and services in a much more engaging manner than a still image with text. Properly edited, Digital Live Video can be used in commercials, web videos, or even a simple blog for our clients.

Animated Video

3D Graphics or Animations

We offer several types of animated video. One very popular technique is called typography animation in which text is animated while a voiceover recording reading the text is played. We also create very dynamic 3D animations that use complicated CG technology. These are used in short web commercials or even TV advertising commercials.