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Designing is a very comprehensive and complex terminology. Most people take this word lightly and think that design means layouts, colors, images etc.

The term Design means to provide a suitable solution to one’s problem. It involves purpose, planning and intention along with an area of expertise. Skill and knowledge is used to modify one’s surrounding to correspond his or her need. more


This week Adobe released the latest version of its premium creative software Creative Suite 5, or as it is commonly known CS5. This new software package brings about many cool new tools and features that should have professional graphic designers, photographers and hobbyists excited.

The new features of Adobe Creative Suite 5 are already impressing the pro’s that use this software on a daily basis and Adobe gave a small group a sneak peak at some of the really cool features in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects; recorded their reactions and put it together in this short clip below that highlights new features and how excited it has the community.