What is Design?

Designing is a very comprehensive and complex terminology. Most people take this word lightly and think that design means layouts, colors, images etc.

The term Design means to provide a suitable solution to one’s problem. It involves purpose, planning and intention along with an area of expertise. Skill and knowledge is used to modify one’s surrounding to correspond his or her need.

There are many types of designers in a variety of branches and subjects: IE interior designer, dress designer, furniture designer, fashion designer, architect etc.  A few common departments under “designer” are graphic designer or web designer. The most common tools for a graphic designer may be Adobe Photoshop for a raster/bitmap composition or Adobe Illustrator for a vector-based design. Xara is a very good selection for handling both. Adobe Dreamweaver is often used for designing html and php applications for websites.

If you want to be a computer graphic designer you will definitely need some applications. There are many tutorials out there to get you started with the software you choose.

If you are in need of a designer, remember it’s not all about layout and colors.  It is about a designer coming up with a solution to a problem.  If you are in the market for a new website or a redesign, make sure that there is a solution. Having a website just to have one is not cost effective to you nor beneficial for your prospects and clients visiting your site.

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